Aug 30, 2007

School seeks Visual Arts Instructor - Part Time

Job Description:
Culver City Unified School District (Arts for All District) - Farragut Elementary School

Part time approximately 19 hours a week Monday, Tuesday, Friday - salary between $13
and $15 an hour during school year - then additional fee paid for Artworks (event) hours

Duties include:
• Develop/follow sequential art studio lesson plans in accordance with the California
Visual Arts Standards of Creative Expression.
• Lessons include drawing, tone pastel, printmaking, ceramics, and watercolor and
culminate in a final project to be displayed at the annual children's exhibition at
• Instruct 23 classes, grades K-5 and Special Education, in 45-minute, bi-monthly
• Create and maintain the art studio, order supplies, and track the budget.
• Curate/install the children's annual exhibition of 500 works of art at the parent-run
"ArtWorks!" fundraiser event in May.

If you are interested - or you know someone who would be, email Barbara Brown or Bonnie Wacker