Feb 23, 2007

Arts funding: California Dead Last

From the California Lawyers for the Arts:

California is dead last among all fifty states in its allocation of funding for community arts

California spends three cents per person on the arts--less than Mississippi, D.C. and
Guam! New York spends $2.35 per person. If you think California can do better for
musicians and artists of all disciplines, please call or write Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
and your representatives in the State Assembly and Senate in Sacramento to ask them to
restore funding for the California Arts Council and our State's investment in creativity.

To receive more information and to brainstorm strategies, please call our advocacy desk at
(415) 775-7200 x 112. Please mention where you heard about us (SoCal, NoCal, etc.)

Sample Letter that is easy to use! Pass it on :


For more information about CLA's Arts Advocacy on the web, please visit:


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