Oct 2, 2007

Pocha Nostra seeking videographer

Dear Pocha Nostra colleagues:
We are currently seeking the help of a filmmaker or video artist
interested in working with us in an upcoming performance project. In early
November 07, La Pocha will be premiering ³The New Barbarian Collection Fall
2007: Designer primitives on the runaway runway² at Arnolfini (Bristol, UK).
The performance is ³an X-treme fashion show² about fear/desire of the Other.
As part of this project we are compiling a bank of recorded TV commercials
from different countries that emphasize ethnicity, sexuality, fashion,
religion and/or violence. The idea is for a video artist to record directly
from television a bunch of interesting commercials and then to eliminate the
actual product from the commercial by either editing it out, or replacing it
with some other image. These enigmatic or poetic commercials will be sampled
live during the performance. We have a budget to pay for this and can
explain in more detail the nature of the material via email.

4.) We are also looking for a bilingual writer/theorist interested in
translating a text by Gómez-Peña, from Spanish to English for one of his
upcoming books. We have a performance text in Spanish about the difference
between border art and ³global art² that has never been published in
English. It's about 10 pages long double-spaced. The goal is to have the
translation finished by late 2007 or early 2008. It will appear in one of
Gómez-Peña's upcoming books in late 2008. The translator will have full
credit in the book.

If you are interested in learning more about these collaborations, please
write to Emma Tramposch at pocha@pochanostra.com with ³TV COMMERCIAL
PROJECT² or ³PERFORMANCE TEXT TRANSLATOR² in the subject heading. Please
describe a little about how your experience makes you a good person for the

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