Nov 15, 2007




Wiseburn School District in the South Bay area and part of the Arts
for All Initiative, is seeking an arts consultant or specialist to
serve as a district arts coordinator. This position is for an
independent contractor and will be assigned for a limited contract of
26 weeks within a period of eight months. Under the direction of
Wiseburn School District personnel, the Arts Coordinator provides
guidance and site coordination for the implementation of K-12
instructional programs in the Visual and Performing Arts, based on the
District's long-range plan for arts education.


General Management:

Coordinates the District-wide budget for arts education program
initiatives and maintains records to track and monitor internal and
external resources.
Establishes a cooperative relationship with key administrative offices
at the District, including business services office, to identify
internal resources that can support the implementation of the plan.
Convenes and participates in all Community Arts Teams meetings and
represents the District at community-wide meetings related to arts
Provides regular reports to School Board, administration, principals,
teachers, etc. as determined by Assistant Superintendent and Community
Arts Team.
Evaluates progress based on benchmarks identified in the long-range
plan for arts education.
Supervises the implementation of arts education program initiatives,
as described below.

Program Management:
Provides critical assistance to the Community Arts Team and working
with individual schools and teachers to develop a substantive program
of curriculum, standards-based instruction and assessment in dance,
music, theatre and visual arts. Disseminates quality, updated
information in each of these areas.
Plans, coordinates and documents professional development in the arts
for administrators, teachers, parents, etc., in alignment with
standards, curricula, and assessment.
Monitors the acquisition and maintenance of textbooks, supplies,
equipment and facilities and maintains an updated inventory of all items.
Surveys and maintains current data on the status of arts education
programming at school sites (provided by District or community), using
criteria developed through Community Arts Team Arts for All planning
Serves as liaison between District and community arts resources.
Oversees the scheduling of artist residencies and other community
programs to ensure programs support the implementation of the
District's long-range plan.

District / Community Communication:
Assists in effectively communicating the District's goals in arts
education within the District as well as the larger community.
Maintains good working relationships and keeps District, members of
the Community Arts Teams members, District arts providers, and other
key stakeholders informed of initiatives.
Provides accurate information to community about District needs and
progress in implementing its long-range plan for arts education.


A degree from an accredited institution of higher education
Experience working with both elementary and secondary staffs
Teaching or equivalent experience working for a non-profit arts agency
Demonstrated leadership in arts education
Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form
Ability to work cooperatively with colleagues, parents, and community
Strong organizational skills


A minimum of two days per week over 26 weeks during the 07/08 school
calendar year plus additional flex time for scheduled meetings
Compensation based upon experience

Please only send cover letters and resumes to: Ken Gable

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