May 12, 2008

Skirball Cultural Center job posting: Head of Family Programs

SCC Job Posting: Head of Family Programs

The Skirball Cultural Center (SCC) of Los Angeles, a dynamic cultural institution devoted to exploring connections across cultures and communities, is seeking a Head of Family Programs as a key member of its Education Department. The Skirball’s family programs include outdoor, gallery-based, and performance-based experiences that serve more than 100,000 visitors annually. These offerings have expanded significantly with the opening in 2007 of Noah’s Ark at the Skirball, a new participatory destination for young children and their families.

The Head of Family Programs reports to the Associate Director of Education and works closely with the Head of School and Teacher Programs, the Head of Docent Programs, and the Gallery Manager for Noah’s Ark. S/he leads a team responsible for programmatic planning and implementation for youth and family audiences.


Oversees the planning and delivery of innovative, experiential educational Skirball offerings for families and young people, aligned with the SCC mission and Education Department vision and visitor outcomes. These include workshops, drop-in programs, festival activities, toddler programs, and performance programs.
In charge of the ongoing development, implementation, and assessment of all public programs in the Noah’s Ark galleries and park, in the archaeological family Discovery Center, and at the outdoor dig site and field tent.
Trains, oversees, and evaluates paid and volunteer educators in the delivery of programs.
Hires visual and performing artists and other specialists on contract as needed to facilitate programs (or some language of this sort).
Set priorities for and supervises Associate Educator for Family Programs and Archaeology Educators.
With School Programs staff and in consultation with Program Department, co-curates and produces summer family amphitheater programs.
Performs managerial duties including interviewing applicants for employment within Family Programs; assigns and reviews progress of assignments; manages performance.
In collaboration with External Affairs staff, manages development of Family Programs-related print and web and helps build and diversify Skirball family audiences.
Maintains up-to-date working knowledge of child development and family learning theory and educational practices to ensure the value, effectiveness and success of Skirball’s program for families and children.
Participates in the development of the Education Department budget; oversees Family Programs-related portion of the budget, and ensures expenditures comply with approved budget.
Supervises the evaluation of existing and proposed family programs; interprets data and proposes changes as appropriate.
Participates in grant writing and other fundraising efforts to support Family Programs as needed.
Develops and presents programs at conferences designed to promote the Skirball’s presence and educational programs to others.


Master’s degree or higher in arts education, museum education, or related discipline.
Prior experience in successfully developing and managing gallery- and/or performance-based family programs.
Orientation toward child-directed, flexible, inquiry-based, participatory learning with a focus on collaboration and respect for every learner.
Professional experience in experiential education; solid knowledge of how to teach in a gallery setting and how to support families in using museums and other cultural resources.
Successful experience in creating and delivering programs for children and families.
Knowledge of Jewish culture and traditions a plus.
Managerial and teaching skills sufficient to manage and mentor a staff of 1-2 professionals and to provide effective leadership and coaching to docents and volunteers.
Excellent oral and listening communication skills and the ability to work well with people of diverse cultures, ages, and economic backgrounds.
Knowledge of the various forms of media used in educational programs.
Excellent written communication skills, including strong editing skills.
Demonstrated ability to develop productive relationships within an organization and within the field.
A keen appreciation and understanding of the Skirball Cultural Center mission and philosophy.
Organizational skills sufficient to plan and organize projects and initiatives.
Personal computer skills; proficiency utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Please email resume and cover letter to or fax to

(310) 440-4595.

Or send copies to:

Human Resources Department

Head of Family Programs

Skirball Cultural Center

2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90049


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