Mar 12, 2009

California Art Organizations Funding Opportunity

California Art Organizations Funding Opportunity

The Arts and Accessibility Technical Assistance Program

The California Arts Council in collaboration with the National Arts and
Disability Center at UCLA announces a funding opportunity through June
2009, "The California Arts Council's Art and Technical Assistance

Mini-grants for Arts Organizations to Engage Artists or Audiences with
Disabilities will support:

* Activities that make use of California artists with

* Creating alternative formats for materials such as large print,
Braille, audio description, ASL interpreter, and/or captioning

* Creation of new work, new approaches, and directions

* Opportunities to discuss specific issues, and trends in the
arts as they pertain to engaging people with disabilities in the arts

* Hiring a consultant to assist in improving your facility or
services to people with disabilities

* Towards opportunities for students with disabilities to advance
their skills leading to a career in the arts

* Services and accommodations to employ artists with disabilities

* Services and accommodations to audiences with disabilities

For More Submission Guidelines Visit:

Maddy Kudritzki

Program Representative
UCLA Tarjan Center
National Arts and Disability Center
Open the Doors to College
(310) 825-3715

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