Mar 12, 2009

Getting Your Sh*t Together: The Ultimate Career Bootcamp for Artists.

Getting Your Sh*t Together
The Ultimate Career Bootcamp for Artists.

Registration for the Spring Semester Getting Your Sh*t Together Workshop
at The Eagle Rock Center for The Arts begins now. If you are anywhere
the LA area and are looking to kick-start your art career, get
organized, and learn just about everything it takes to make it in the
art world, then this class is just what you've been looking for.

Sign up TODAY This class fills up very fast.

To register call the Center For The Arts, Eagle Rock.
323.226.1617. They will process your registration.
For more information visit:

or email

About the Class:

Getting Your Sh*t Together
The Ultimate Career Boot Camp for Artists.

Duration: Mondays (7pm - 9pm) April 20 – June 8
+ Curator Review Saturday (10am-2pm) June 13

The Eagle Rock Center for the Arts
2225 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Tuition: $250

Created by artist, curator, and legendary CalArts professor Karen
Atkinson, Getting Your Sh*t Together (GYST) is the often-imitated
workshop for emerging artists, and for artists who've been "emerging"
longer than they expected. Over 400 artists have graduated from GYST
since 2002 and their continued success and contributions to the art
world are what gives GYST such a great reputation.

GYST teaches you the business stuff you should have learned in art
school, but didn't. GYST values self-sufficiency and presents you with
information, skills, and strategies to make things happen without
necessarily waiting around for some arbiter of culture to validate your
work. We're not concerned with producing slick, commercialized artists,
nor is this some new age, touchy-feely "find your inner artist" crap.
GYST is a program for artists, by artists that will teach you
bare-knuckled, practical strategies for negotiating the baffling terrain
of the contemporary art world.

Over 8-weeks, you'll create and refine your "presentation package,"
artist statement, bio, resume, portfolio, and more, with the full
editorial and technical support of GYST staff.

GYST culminates with Curator Speed Dating. Get real-world feedback on
your portfolio and proposals from some of the area's hottest curators.
Past curators have been LA Times Art Critic David Pagel, LACE Director
Carol Stakenaus, and Christopher Russell from the Getty Research

Students also get a complimentary copy of the new GYST software, which
usually retails for $150. The MAC and PC based program is packed with
all the organizing tools and information resources every artist needs.


In just the past 2 years, our workshop alumni have won over $18,000 in
grants, multiple grants from the City of Pasadena.

"Two weeks after finishing GYST, I had a studio visit from Robert
Berman. Because I had recently gotten my sh*t together, I was able to
send him a portfolio before the visit. I think it really helped - he
offered me a solo show. Thanks, GYST! Really, thank you. I mean it."

- Alumni Cameron Gray had his first solo show (ever) in 2007 at the
renowned Robert Berman Gallery and sold several large canvases. He's
currently represented by Berman's Gallery.

-Just last year, GYST Alumni Ari Kletzky was the subject of an extensive
article on the front page of the LA Times Sunday Arts section. His
featured Islands of LA project was developed over the course of our GYST
workshop. Kletzky (who has a BA in business) recently quit his day-job
at a loan agency and currently is enrolled in Cal Art's Fine Arts
MFA program.

GYST Ink is an artist-run company committed to empowering and educating
artists so that they can take control of their practice and develop
successful and sustainable careers on their own terms. For more
information visit

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