Apr 14, 2009

JOb post

Inside Out Community Arts is looking for just the right PR represent
Posted by: "Jonathan Zeichner" jzeichner@insideoutca.org
Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:44 pm (PDT)

Dear Colleagues, do you have a PR firm or representative you love?
Please refer them to us.

Inside Out Community Arts is a nationally recognized, Los Angeles
based non-profit arts organization that utilizes the Arts to give
youth from all backgrounds the tools, confidence, and inspiration to
make a positive difference in their lives, communities and the world.

In these epoch and challenging times, we are committed to deepening
our work and expanding to address the growing needs of inner-city
youth in Los Angeles and beyond. We are focused on strengthening
existing partnerships and reaching out to engage in new ones with not-
for-profits, corporate entities, funders and constituents.

More than ever, we believe it's important to tell the stories of
people and organizations finding ways and joining forces to face
personal and global adversity and opportunity by relying on creativity
and power of the human spirit.

We have dedicated a modest resource allocation to working with a PR
firm that can help us with thoughtful strategy and effective execution
over the next year and beyond. This will be a partnership in every
sense of the word, and our goal is for all parties to come out ahead.

Needs: Strategic planning, conventional media outreach, social
networking and marketing, website refreshing, and more. We'll talk.



Jonathan Zeichner, Executive Director
Inside Out Community Arts
2210 Lincoln Blvd. ART = LIFE
Venice, CA 90291
310-397-8820 X110

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