Dec 10, 2009

Internship Opportunity

The Arts Council for Long Beach is currently seeking candidates for a paid spring internship. The application deadline is Dec. 22, 2009.

Intern Job Description

Job Title: Arts Learning Intern
Location: Long Beach, CA
Stipend: $1500
Dates of Positions: January - May 2010
Expected hours: roughly 10 hours/week for 15-20 weeks

Summary of Position:
The Arts Learning Intern will assist in the planning of community events for the Arts Council for Long Beach. Additionally, the intern will provide general department support; assist with an online directory of arts and education providers; and perform other duties as assigned.
Supervisor: Anne Huyck, Director of Arts Learning

Organization: Arts Council for Long Beach

Organization Description: Arts Council for Long Beach fosters excellence in the creation and presentation of arts and cultural endeavors by supporting arts and cultural organizations and individual artists. The Arts Council provides access to families, children, and the community to a broad spectrum of creative expressions and cultural experiences by building strategic partnerships and programs that weave arts and culture into the fabric of our community.

Arts Learning Department: Arts Learning's mission is to foster and advance understanding of the arts by providing Long Beach citizens with programs and professional development that promote diversity, tolerance and creativity. Arts Learning's range of services support artists, arts groups, students and adults in advancing artistic pride and creativity. The department focuses on the community by providing arts instruction to students and adults, providing guidance for local artists and arts related organizations and by promoting the critical arts services that are provided by the Arts Council as a whole.

* Excellent experience with many of the projects and people working within the Long Beach arts community.
* Involvement in a variety of local programs and efforts.
* Participation in arts education events.
* Experience in planning, conducting, and evaluating education events.
* Opportunities to contribute to improvement of an education program.
* College credit, if appropriate.
* Letters of recommendation provided upon successful completion of the internship.

* Computer experience (working knowledge of In Design, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel).
* Well developed organization skills with a solid orientation to detail.
* An ability to conduct research on and off site.
* A self-starter with a strong desire to learn.
* Good written and verbal skills.
* Must have own transportation.
* Arts Education student preferred.

Applicants should submit a brief cover letter outlining their qualifications for the position, two references and resume to The resume should include education, work experience and extracurricular activities. The application deadline is Dec. 22, 2009.

For questions, please contact Anne Huyck at (562) 570-1930 or


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