Feb 1, 2010



The Annex LA seeks 2D artists for this month’s Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk on Thursday, February 11th. This month’s 1-day event is from 4pm-10pm. With upward of 6000 people in attendance each month, this event offers an enormous amount of exposure. This is a great opportunity to make contacts, meet artists in the area, and gain access to a young, hip, and involved audience.

If you are interested in participating, please visit us at http://www.theannexla.com/participate.html You may submit your work using the Submission Form, or you can email links and images to gallery@theannexla.com

Deadline: Monday, February 1th, 2010

Mission Statement

The mission of the Annex LA is to provide a platform for artists, musicians, designers, etc. to directly connect with the community in downtown LA. It exemplifies the DIY energy that is at the core of the downtown art scene, and strives to create an environment of exchange and support between galleries and creative individuals.

As an alternative space, it offers galleries the chance to present their work in a different--perhaps more accessible--setting. This provides downtown galleries with an opportunity to experiment with displaying works outside of the white-wall space and to exhibit lower priced works or multiples from their collections. In exhibiting individual artists alongside established downtown galleries, the Annex LA wishes to create an egalitarian environment that focuses not on the politics of the art scene, but on fostering interpersonal connections between artists and audiences. By participating as an established downtown gallery, you are supporting the legitimacy of the individual artist's practice, regardless of gallery representation.

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