Jun 9, 2010

Street Beat Seeks Company Manager

Street Beat, a Producer of California’s Best Drum & Dance Shows seeks a Company Manager for a 19 day run at the California State Fair this July.


The Company manager will engage in following 3 activities: Advancing, Stage Management and On-the-Road.


Advancing with the venue to ensure the entire artist's technical and hospitality demands will be met. Check contact names and addresses, arrival times, equipment load-in times, sound check and performance times, any supporting/opening acts and live music curfews. This information will be collated in a 'tour book' which will be issued to all the travelling cast and crew.

Stage Management:

Calling the show, as well as acting as communications hub for the cast and crew. After the show opens, the stage manager is also responsible for calling brush-up, put in and understudy rehearsals to make sure that the show's quality is maintained. The stage manager is also responsible for seeing that the director's vision is carried out when he or she is no longer attending the shows and giving notes.


The Company manager will travel with the cast and be responsible for the following duties:

• Overseeing hotel departures on time

• Overseeing travel arrangements; i.e. cast and crew onto the bus or to the airport in good time

• Paying per diems to cast and crew

• Overseeing venue arrival - double-checking hospitality and technical arrangements

• Arranging up-to-date running order with venue and promoter

• Overseeing promotional activities; i.e. TV, radio and press interviews at the venue

• Supervising any support or opening acts

• Ensuring venue is ready to open on time by supervising sound check times

• Ensuring all acts perform on time and for the allotted time

• Ensuring all touring equipment is re-packed and loaded back onto tour transport

• Preparing band and crew schedule sheets for the next day

• Overseeing band and crew on to appropriate overnight transport or to next hotel

• Reporting this show's attendance figures to Director

• Overseeing and handling merchandise sales after each performance

Essential Job Functions:

Knowledge of Drumming & Percussion, Urban Dance and Parkour, Sound and Light technicalities, Performing Arts, Fair Entertainment traditions etc…

Candidate must have a sense of humor and the ability to work in a frenetic and upbeat atmosphere. Ideal candidate will be a quick thinking self-starter who has a global view of the department and its relevance to the rest of the company. Ability to take initiative, exercise good judgment, providing guidance to other staff.

To Apply:

To apply, e-mail cover letter, resume, salary history, and three references to mail@streetbeat.biz.

No phone calls please.

Street Beat:

For more information about Street Beat visit www.streetbeat.biz.

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